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We use a Method as an individualised learning method that provides the optimum level of study, at the right time and pace, to develop both foundational and advanced skills in your child. At the heart of it all is self-learning: encouraging him/her to read the constantly evolving small-step worksheets, think, and do the exercises on his/her own. We do not spoon-feed students problem-solving methods. Instead, we focus on guiding him/her to complete exercises on his/her own, so that he/she enjoys a sense of achievement, is able to master new material independently and constantly pushes him/herself to improve continually.

Our focus on numeracy and linguistics ensures students develop a solid foundation to achieve excellence in both Primary and Secondary School. We identify, build and enhance the key skills that students need to become fluent readers and junior Mathematicians, and a lot more, giving them a core of confidence and a lifetime of good study habits that they can draw on as they advance in levels.

Beyond academic success, a natural outcome of the Method is a solid base for the steep learning curves that come with life. By allowing them to make the choices that support his/her learning, strengths, and success, your child will develop the confidence to think, do and learn more. This way, he/she develops positive learning and a can-do attitude, turning learning into pleasure and joy.